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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a permit to build garage?

The City of Calgary requires a Building Permit if the structure is greater than 10 m2 (107 sq. ft.). Also, some municipalities may seek additional permits based on the zoning laws. Therefore, it is essential to check all the regulations before construction starts. Corsac Construction is ready to assist you with that.

Do you have a warranty?

Corsac Construction provides a two-year workmanship warranty. That means that if there is a deficiency due to the workmanship, we will fix it. The warranty does not cover damages caused by misuse, owner neglect, or uncontrollable events. Also, there is a manufacturer's warranty on some of our materials. All you need to do is call and let us know what the problem is.

How much does it cost to develop basement?

It depends on the size, level of development you plan to achieve, number of bathrooms, bedrooms etc. A typical basement can cost around $28,000 and up to $82,000. Several details can affect the price; it is better to consult with a specialist and plan by your budget. You can check our basement page for more information or contact us.

The actual construction does not take long. Framing, door/window installation, siding, roofing and electrical wiring may take around 3-7 days, depending on the complexity and size. However, some steps take time. For example, a building permit requires about a week to get approved. A concrete pad is an essential part of the construction; framing is not started until concrete curing is complete. Concrete curing might take at least 2-3 days, depending on the weather conditions. During the cold season, at least ten days before the garage can be built. Some materials are ordered ahead of time because they take a few weeks to deliver. Therefore, it is good to plan and discuss timing with the builder.

Do I need a permit to build a secondary suite in my basement?

The City of Calgary requires a permit for all secondary suites. If your basement suite has bathroom and cooking facilities, you must apply for the necessary secondary suite permits, even if you are not planning to rent out the unit. Because your secondary suite is considered a separate living space, it must comply with several safety regulations implied by the municipality. Building code requirements must be met to get approval, such as minimum ceiling height, door and window standards and exit points. Creating a secondary suite requires more research, time and finance than simply developing a basement for your family's use. Consulting with the proper professional will be a great start.

How long does it take to build a garage?

You can customize your garage in almost any possible way. We can build any garage size based on your needs. The garage can be constructed to fit vehicles, trailers and even a workspace area for your tools. Also, we work with various types of roof trusses, so you can have the roof shape you want, add ceiling height or overhead storage. However, there can be limits dictated by safety codes, city regulations or zoning. Such things may restrict the garage height, layout, size etc. Thus, it is essential to check all the rules with the municipality beforehand and consult with professionals.

Can I customize my garage design?

Can I build a garage on the property line?

In most cases, you can build your garage on the property line. To make sure that your garage can be built on the property line, you can give call the 311 services in Calgary and receive any information regarding your future garage project. Any garage builder should also be able to help you find details about your property. 

When building a garage with one wall on the property line or within 2' from the side property line, that wall will have to be fire-rated from the inside, and a non-vented soffit is required within 3.9' of the property line.


How do I pay for my project?

You have few options to pay for the project. We accept e-transfers, bank drafts or cash. Typically we divide payments into a few installments with an initial deposit of 25% -30%. Once one project phase is complete, the next installment is due so that the next phase can start. Project phases and payments will be discussed before the project start and written out in the project contract for clarity. 

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