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Our Approach

We are happy to guide you through our process. Our company is based in Calgary, Alberta.


Initial Meeting and Estimate

  • After we receive your inquiry, we will contact you to arrange a  meeting.

  • During the initial meeting, we will go through the details of your project needs. We will discuss what you plan to achieve with this project and understand your goals.

  • Next, we will send you a proposal based on your specific requirements. 

  • We will ensure that you understand and are happy with all the aspects of the proposal before we proceed to construction. This is when we discuss the schedule and ensure that all your wishes are considered.  

  •  We are a licensed pre-paid contractor and will require a deposit to start your project. The payment schedule will be outlined in the contract so that you will have no surprises during the construction stage.

  • Once we agree on all the details and terms of the contract, all the paperwork will be signed, and we will proceed to the construction stage.

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Construction Process

  • First, we will prepare drawings as required and submit any necessary permits.

  • Once the permits are obtained, materials are ordered and delivered to the site. We will make sure that your property is protected throughout the entire process.

  • The construction area is prepared, and our builders proceed with the project as agreed in our contract.

  • Meanwhile, required inspections are arranged and carried out.

  • You will stay informed about all the steps during the construction.


Final Steps

  • Once the construction is finished, and all the inspections are complete, we will proceed with any final touches if required.

  • All the remaining debris will be removed, and the site will be broom cleaned.

  • We will do a final walk-through to ensure you are satisfied with the finished job.

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