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Home Renovations

At Corsac Construction, we understand that any project is significant and unique. We can help with most renovation projects. Let us know your plans, and Corsac Construction is more than happy to assist you.

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Floor Renovation

Bathroom Remodeling

Hotel bathroom
  • Shower installation.

  • Vanity upgrades/installation.

  • Finishes, including wall and floor tiles.


Kitchen  Renovation

Interior Upgrades

Minimalistic Kitchen
  • Cabinet installation.

  • Backsplash replacement.

  • Floor finishes replacement.

  • Different types of floor installation, including vinyl, laminate, engineered floor, tile, carpet, linoleum etc.

  • Subflooring.

  • We have heated floor systems.

  • Kitchen or bathroom backsplash replacement.

  • Staircase railing replacement.

  • Millwork and shelving installation.

         And More...

Give us a call at 403.619.1016 for a consultation onthe  Services we provide.


Renovation pricing is very individual and varies based on the level of the upgrades, the amount of work, and the size of the proposed renovation area. 

The price can add up quickly, so it is essential to set your budget in the beginning. For example, consider what you need and add any other item you wish to have if the budget allows.

Material prices are volatile and can change drastically. Choosing suitable materials will help lower the cost, so we suggest reaching out to several suppliers and finding the best market price.

It is always cheaper to work with the existing layout. Moving plumbing and electrical wiring can add cost to your project. Thus, try working with what you already have to save money. 

Some of the most common renovation types are estimated below. 

Full Bathroom Renovation

$15,000 - $30,000 and up

New Flooring labour and material

$6.50-$7.90 per sq. ft. and up


Radiant In-floor Heating

$10-$20 per sq. ft. and up


Kitchen Remodeling


Bathroom Vanity with Installation

$569-$3,290 and up

Please note that the prices are for your reference only. To get pricing for your particular project, please get in touch with our team.


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