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What to consider when building a garage.

Building a garage is a big step you make to benefit your home and life. It might be overwhelming initially to consider what kind of garage you need. Most people will use a general contractor that will help them decide on different aspects of their garage project.

However, you as the owner will need to be involved, especially at the start of the project to present your requirements to the general contractor. To ensure you have your needs straight so your garage pays off, it is always beneficial to plan before you start. There are a few aspects to think about at the planning stage:

1. Garage Size:

Consider the number and size of the vehicles you will park in your future garage. This critical planning step will determine how big your garage should be. For example, if you are driving a larger SUV or a truck, we advise measuring your vehicle to ensure it fits. A rule of thumb is to have at least 2'-6" between a parked vehicle and side obstacles. For example, a 24' extended garage is your best option if you have a truck, so you can easily walk around. Higher ceilings and tall and wide overhead doors may benefit people who plan to park a trailer in their garage.

2. Storage/Working Space:

Will you need extra storage or a workstation? Will you be working in the garage or need a space for a hobby? Maybe just a place to store your tools and do some repair work? If so, consider building your garage to accommodate overhead storage, a desk or a line of cabinets. Think about the equipment you will use or store in your garage. You may need extra lighting if you plan to work in your garage, and add more receptacles if you think of using some equipment. Sometimes, certain electrical items can require upgraded garage sup-panel. Of course, you can always call us; our team can help you get the most out of your garage.

3. Permitting:

Are you planning to do all the permitting yourself, or prefer to hire an expert? The permitting process can be confusing and require time, especially if you have never done it before. You will need to present a site plan of your property with the future garage clearly shown on it. In some cases, engineer drawings and specifications may be required for larger garages or garages with a complicated structure. Make sure to check the requirements on the city website before you apply to meet all the criteria. It might be easier to get the expert's help. Corsac Construction works with the City of Calgary and other municipalities around the city. With us, you can rest assured that all the permits and inspections are complete by all the requirements.

4. Finishes:

In Calgary, we are lucky to experience all four seasons of the year. Without proper insulation, garages get hot in summer and cold in winter. So we can add an insulation layer and a vapour barrier to your garage walls for comfort and convenience. Ask our Corsac

team about this upgrade.

Corsac offers drywaller and painter services for a finished interior look. Add some hangers, hooks and shelves for storage. A neat interior adds aesthetic value, comfort, and order to your garage.

Think about what you will do in your garage. Any garage can be customized to your needs. If you take some time to plan, you can be sure there won't be any regrets, and you will pe proud of your garage. If you are unsure of other options, call us at 403-619-1016, and we can provide a consultation.

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